Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tye dye cupcakes

Its true people, these are tye dye cupcakes. I wouldnt lie to you about something this serious! How did I do such a thing you may ask? Well it was simple, and also amazingly fun.
Check this out! How cool! All I did was make a simple vanilla cake recipe and split it up into 4 bowls, then I added a good amount of food coloring to each bowl. I used the gel food coloring, Ive heard nifty things about it, and it proved to be true! Bright colors people!
I made a chocolate buttercream frosting to pipe on top of the cupcake, they look beautiful, it makes me so happy. I was literally giddy. My friend thinks im weird.
Sorry the pics are a little dark, I do most of my baking at night. Thats were the party's at.
Cupcakes like these make the world a better place, trust me.

BAM! tye dye! AWESOME! Sorry, I got a little excited. It happens a lot :]